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Here at 1UpSearch.co.uk we offer a comprehensive Pay Per Click (PPC) management service. PPC is a great way to send highly targeted traffic to your website in next to no time – no matter how old or new your website it is, PPC traffic is never far away! We offer our PPC management service across the two most popular PPC ad networks: Bing Ads and Google AdWords.

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When you hire us here at 1UpSearch.co.uk to take care of your PPC campaigns, we’ll carefully research keywords that are virtually guaranteed to bring in sales or leads, we’ll manually set your cost per click (CPC) to ensure you get the best possible value for money, and we’ll write some killer ad copy – so as many people as possible click your ads.

Managing PPC is a time consuming process – so why not leave it to us at 1UpSearch.co.uk? It’ll give you plenty more time to spend  managing and building your business. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that we increase your return on investment (ROI) and the general performance of your PPC campaign. So, what are you waiting for? The expert PPC management you require is only a call away – pick up the phone and talk to us right now!

Research the Competition

Before we start building your campaign we’ll draw on our own experience and use an array of tools to properly research your PPC competitors. We’ll dig deep into their campaigns and set aside any useful insights we come across so that we can use them in your campaigns. By researching your competition, using bespoke software, we’re also able to locate great keywords to target that we may not have considered.

Keyword Generation

When you let us know the niche of the site you own or the products that you’re selling, we’ll draw up a relatively short list of primary keywords that best suit these products or services. We’ll then draw up a much longer list of long tail keywords to target – it’s these long tail keywords that tend to bring in the most sales and conversions due to their specific nature.


We can decide how to target your PPC ads, or you can tell us how you want them to be targeted – it’s your choice! We can target your ads based on location – for example they’ll only show to people in the UK, or even the USA. We can also target your ads based on the device that a user is browsing the internet with – we can target just smart phone users, or just PC and laptop users if you prefer, or any combination you choose. We can also help with this choice if needed.



The words used on adverts are extremely important – they could be the difference between a 0% click through rate (CTR), and a 25% CTR. We’ll carefully craft some appealing adverts that will be like magnets to user clicks! We’ll get as many people clicking through to your site as possible to maximise sales and the number of leads that are generated.

Campaign Growth

As your campaign matures, we’ll be on the lookout for exciting new keywords to add. As you make sales and generate leads your PPC campaign will become increasingly profitable. As it becomes profitable you’ll be able to increase your PPC budget – the more budget we have to work with, the more we can build your campaign so it’s constantly growing.

Campaign Optimisation

A PPC campaign is never, ever finished. There are also tweaks to be made and areas in which the campaign can be further optimised. If you ask us to, we’ll optimise your campaign on an on-going basis – we’ll increase bids on those profitable keywords, and lower the bids on those less profitable keywords. We’ll keep your PPC campaign ticking along just nicely, whilst constantly increasing the ROI.