Local SEO in Southampton


You may be pondering on your choice of marketing when it comes to your online presence. It is certainly worth going over all the different possibilities when trying to ascertain a decent and affordable marketing budget when it comes to Southampton SEO services. There is much to consider, Google places, citations, maps, local directories, business search, area search and services.

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When a local Southampton business starts out on the internet, the directors pretty much know basic stuff about marketing online: SEO, PPC, Social, links and blogging. They know which is the most popular search engine but that there are still gains to be made with the smaller engines such as Bing.

However where most fail is the realisation that local SEO is a key componant in search these days and that it differs from the majority of specific SEO offerings. You require an SEO agency that is able to tailor a product for your individual company. They will need to research your competitors in full, links in to their website, terms used and the social activity.

Southampton SEO Services Across The Web

We have mentioned Google and of course the search engine is a primary source of a lot of traffic. The position of any SEO company is to get your company in local search. This includes maps, searches on business and ensuring that not only are you top for any search terms like ‘local accountant Southampton’ or ‘local solicitor in the Southampton area’ but that you show up on results that are more widespread across Google.

The types of tools which can be used to assist in you ranking, could be the use of Google+ and a central focus on the Southampton community. Again featuring your business in Google places for business, Google maps and related photo services. All of which help in ensuring any SEO campaign for a Southampton based business gets off the ground and starts to make a significant effect on your inbound traffic.

While the mainstay of any site is traffic from the engines. It’s wise to not rely on any one singular source of traffic to keep you in business, making the most of each and every visitor through facebook, twitter, email capture/newsletters is a must. Spread your local Southampton SEO campaign across as many social sites as possible. In turn you not only boost traffic from other websites, but grow a contacts base as well as see those external sites actually featuring in google rankings themselves.

When you consider the effect social and search has on people, that they try many different mediums to source reviews, feedback and check prices. Then utilising a Southampton SEO agency that truly understands the effects a combination of accounts across Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other popular websites can have in assisting your business ranking across all local search parameters, then it’s win-win all round.

So whether you’re a local plumber, local account or a Southampton baliff. Perhaps you run a Chauffeur service in and around Southampton or travel to people’s homes to cut their hair, wash their dog or provide gardening services. At the current time, it’s odds on that your competitors are active in trying to attain ranking across a wide spectrum of websites for local search, which is where we can help you plan a path to ruling search locally as well as in general. Get in touch today for some free seo advice!