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Small business SEO

What We Do

We offer a friendly small business search engine optimisation service to local businesses looking to make more money from their websites. Some of our clients range from gyms to landscape gardeners.

How We Do It

Whether it’s more enquiries/leads or more sales, 1UpSearch.co.uk has four seo packages to choose from to ensure your website is getting traffic from the search engines. To see how we work and what to expect click here.

How You Benefit

The major search engines such as Google.co.uk / Bing & Yahoo will start to take more notice of your site based on our changes – resulting in more sales or enquiries for your products & services. Enquire today.

We Can Help Your Small Business Attain Top Positions

Let us help your business grow!

If you are a small or local business owner struggling to get traffic to your site, and your site is not ranking in google where you want it to, we can help! No doubt you will want to make the most out of your company website, why not use a specialist in search engine optimisation with years of experience to get your site to the top. Contact us today.

Affordable seo packages to suit small businesses

As more and more people ‘go online’ to search for products and services they are interested in buying, many companies are missing out on the ‘shift’. In this climate, especially for small businesses, every avenue to find potential customers, and therefore profits, is crucial to maintaining the livelihood of the business itself.

Search engine optimisation is being adopted and taken advantage of by many large corporations as they have the budget that large seo companies are charging them, but what happens to the small business owner? Most can’t afford the high prices seo firms are charging, so they don’t bother. But now 1upsearch.co.uk has created an seo service with small businesses in mind!

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How SEO Works - Watch the Video!

Watch the video below which explains how seo is helping thousands of small, medium and large businesses who are embracing it:

Four Reasons Why 99% of Small Businesses Can Benefit From SEO:

  • Compared to radio/tv/print advertising costs, search engine optimisation is one of the most effective marketing strategies to gain a new customer, and therefore provides one of the highest ROI (return on investment) around.
  • With SEO you can grow your business online in many different areas within your market at once, an often overlooked but highly profitable area to find new customers for your products or services.
  • The traffic you receive from Search Engines such as Google or Bing can provide a new revenue stream for your business, outside of the more conventional offline advertising methods.
  • Psychologically, a potential customer searching for your product or service online is already in the buying frame of mind, as a business, taking advantage of this by using SEO to make it easy for new customers to find you makes perfect sense.

Affordable and Effective SEO for Your Small Business

With affordable monthly packages, tailored to suit the budget of small, medium and large companies – using an seo company can be a realistic and viable way of increasing your profits.

Regardless of the size of your business, our ethos is to offer affordable seo services, which deliver results. Our search engine optimisation has enabled a number of highly competitive phrases to be listed on page 1 of Google.co.uk. See our seo packages and contact us with any questions you may have, if you’re ready to proceed!

80% of customers from Google

Before, no one looked at our site, the way we got new members to our gym was through traditional word of mouth or flyer drops. After 2 months, we were getting more business through the internet than all our other advertising combined. Now 80% of new customers are coming through our website.  

D Harkins

Samsons Gym